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Education Agent Application Form – International

    Thank you for considering AUSINET as a potential business associate. If you decide to apply to become a registered AUSINET agent, please:

    • Complete all questions in this application form

    • Provide proof of business registration from your country such as a certified copy of business registration

    • Submit the application form

    • All of the above information must be in English or translated into English from a notary office or Justice of the Peace in your country.

    • Please send the certified copies only as AUSINET will retain all documents submitted with this application

    • Remember to keep a copy of this application in your files - you will receive a copy once you submit it

    Agent obligations

    Before making an application, you should be familiar with the following:

    Ongoing communication

    AUSINET is required to keep your contact details on a database. This information will be used to advise receipt of your application, and other administrative issues relating to your business and other business purposes. AUSINET will also display your contact details on the AUSINET website for the benefit of prospective students seeking to find an education agent.

    Change of contact details

    • Please keep your business contact details updated at all times. 

    • AUSINET cannot be responsible for any delays caused by business contact changes without proper notification.

    • To update your business contact, please, contact AUSINET via email.  Change of contact details can also be provided to AUSINET staff during personal visits.

    Application assessment and outcome

    The standard processing time for an application is 6 to 8 weeks from the receipt of a complete application. If you do not provide all of the information required or provided only partial information, your application may be delayed.

    Incomplete applications will only be held by AUSINET for 60 days from the date of advising that the application requires further information. After 60 days your application will be securely discarded.

    If your application is approved, AUSINET will:

    • send you a Certificate of Appointment as evidence of registration, and

    • send you a copy of the Education Agent Agreement for your signature.
      (You will be requested to retain a copy for your records and send the other to AUSINET)

    If your application is not approved, AUSINET will:

    • send you a letter via email advising of this outcome, and securely discard your original application.

    Education Agent Details

    Details of key Directors and Employee/s

    Understanding of and Complying with ESOS requirements

    Description of Potential Market




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    Purposed agreement