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Instrumentation courses in Darwin and Brisbane

Ausinet offers specialized courses including electrical instrumentation courses,Hazardous Area Refresher courses,Cert III in Instrumentation and Control,cert iv instrumentation,instrumentation and controls training courses,Cert IV Hazardous Area courses and instrumentation apprenticeship in Darwin and Brisbane region.

From sketching a concept and then building it from scratch, in this intensive course we will teach you all about instrumentation and Controls and lead you down the path to gain more knowledge. As Kevin always says learning never stops. On completion, you will get a certificate which is highly valid in the industry. Most of the course is practical based assignments which will give you the experience to hit the ground running. The assessments are written by industry experts and not by someone who has never been in the field. There are many courses out there that expect you learn everything from theory assessments. They will bombard you with theory questions that are completely irrelevant for a technician. The main focus of these courses is to show you how little you know and how smart the trainer is rather than empowering you with tools for achieving greater success. At the Australian Institute of Electrotechnology, the trainer is present to step you through the journey of transformation from a an Electrician to an Excellent Instrument technician

With over 20 years of experience in Instrumentation, Electrical and Automation we would like to help you get your knowledge and qualifications from one expert source. You will learn how an Experienced Instrument tech thinks about the fault finding process, how he writes a PLC program, build an HMI pages and design a process. Get your instrumentation knowledge from the experts in the industry.

Next time you are out in the plant you won’t look at instruments the same way. Surely you have seen an Instrument Tech walk up to an instrument and spend most of the day tweaking it while you are pulling cables or at best-doing terminations. After this course, you will be able to walk up to the tech and actually understand what he is doing. It’s not rocket science (well not all of it) and now you can be a tech and be a part of lifelong learning and growing. This course will give you wings and you won’t be just another sparky anymore. This course at Australian Institute of Electrotechnology is a life changing journey for every sparky. You will benefit from the technological advancements in the course content and particularly practical’s. At Ausinet we don’t believe is theoretical simulations for this reason all our instruments are from the real world with the latest software installed on them which enables the student to get used to what’s installed in the plant. Instruments vary in brands and models which is another great advantage.

Australian Institute of technology is a specialized training organization and we only deliver Electrotechnology courses. As you have noticed we don’t deliver anything that is not related to Electrical field. We are not just another training company. Our trainers are specialists in Instrumentation and electrical trade. Most organizations have trainers that have been delivering same courses for years without knowing what technological advancements are happening out in the real world. Our trainers are regularly engaged in contract roles as consultants and techs which to stay updated with the industry requirements. Our courses are reviewed by industry experts every 3 months.

Once again welcome on board and congratulations on making an informed decision for the growth of your career. Call (08) 6244 2575 or (07) 3062 7631 and speak to our trainer who will assist with any further queries about this course.

Ausinet is a specialised instrumentation training institute delivering

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