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Cable Size using Vc Value

*The following calculator is for reference only

This calculator assumes that cable types are single cores, insulated and sheathed laid flat touching or touching in a wiring enclosures and the calculator will determine the cable size for the maximum conductor temperature of 75℃. See table below from AS3008:2017

Voltage drop allowed in % (Vd):
? Select voltage drop allowed in percentage, e.g:5%
Length of the cable (L):

? Enter the length of the cable in meters

System voltage (V):
? Enter voltage supply in volts(V)

Current requirements (I):
? Enter current requirements in Amps

Vc: 0.00 mV/Am
Cable size: 0.00 mm2
Cable size using Vc
$$ V_C=\frac{1000\times V_d\times V}{L\times I\times1.155} $$
  • V, the system voltage such as 230, or DC battery nominal voltages, 115.5 V
  • Vd, the maximum voltage drop along the cable can’t be over 5%
  • L, the cable route length in meters
  • I, the maximun circuit current
  • the maximum conductor temperature, 75℃