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How to Renew Your Electrical Work Licence and Electrical Contractor Licence in QLD

    Renewing Your Electrical Work Licence and Electrical Contractor Licence in QLD

    Renewing your electrical work or contractor licence in Queensland (QLD) is essential to maintaining compliance and ensuring you can continue working legally. This guide will help you navigate licence renewal and reinstatement processes and provide the necessary information.

    Renewing Your Electrical Work Licence

    Key Points:

    • Renewal Window: Your expired electrical work licence must be renewed within two months of its expiry.
    • Reinstatement Period: You can apply to reinstate the licence within 12 months after its expiry.
    • Licence Validity: Once reinstated, the licence will be valid for five years from the original expiry date. (This line is worth a second look. If you miss your chance you won’t be able to get the same licence number back.)

    Preparation Steps:

    1. Skill Maintenance:

    • Maintain competence in electrical safety legislation, risk management, testing, and resuscitation.
    • Skills maintained in the last two years are recognised and can be assessed online using a Skills Maintenance Online Assessment or through Registered Training Organizations (RTOs).
    • Ensure you are proficient in Cardio Pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and, if applicable, pole-top rescue (PTR) or transmission tower rescue and resuscitation (for electrical line personnel).

    2. Registration:

    • Ensure you are registered for myGovID.

    3. CPR Training:

    • Demonstrate your ability to revive a person affected by an electric shock by obtaining a CPR ticket.
    • Provide proof of current rescue and resuscitation training (CR), typically required within 12 months of renewal. This is not required during application, but one must keep a copy if asked by ESO at any time during the validity of the licence.

    Renewal Process:

    1. Notification Letter:

    • A renewal notification letter containing the necessary identification numbers will be sent to your last advised postal address. If not received, contact 1300 362 128.

    2. Email Notifications:

    • Ensure you have provided a current email address to receive renewal notifications from the Electrical Safety Office (ESO). Keep this updated; otherwise, you will miss out on renewal notification, which could cost you your licence number if you reapply late.

    3. Application Fee:

    • Pay the application fee using a credit card. Due to transaction delays, Bpay is not recommended; if necessary, contact the office at 1300 362 128 for Bpay payments.

    4. Application Form:

    Important Notes:

    • For licences that have expired more than 12 months, you need to apply for a new licence.
    • Submit a fully completed application to avoid delays.
    • You are not required to give copies of your CPR, PTR, or skills maintenance certificates while renewing, but you may be required to do so later for auditing purposes.

    Applying for a New Electrical Work Licence (Expired Over 12 Months)

    Eligibility Criteria:

    • Held a QLD licence that expired more than 12 months ago.
    • Completed apprenticeship in QLD over three years ago.
    • Seeking to upgrade your licence or are an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) recipient.
    • Hold relevant trade certificates from outside QLD.

    Application Steps:

    1. Application Form:

    2. Documentation:

    • Provide your previous licence history, current contact details, type of work you wish to perform, and identity documents as listed on the application form.
    • Prove current CPR and PTR (for linesperson licence) training within the last 12 months. (No documents are required to be submitted)
    • You may also be required to provide a letter of support from your employer indicating an occupational requirement for the licence. Self-employed people may need to provide a statutory declaration.
    • If you have not yet held a Queensland electrical work licence or permit, you must supply copies of your identity documents as listed in Table 1 on the application form.

    3. Submission:

    • You can submit applications via email or mail, with credit card or cheque payment.

    Additional Training:

    • Some applicants may need extra training, resulting in a 12-month electrical work training permit from an RTO.

    Renewing Your Electrical Contractor Licence

    Key Points:

    • Renewal Window: Renew within two months of the expiry date.
    • Reinstatement Period: Reinstatement is possible within 12 months of expiry.
    • Expiry After Reinstatement: The reinstated licence expires twelve months after the initial expiry date.


    • Cannot renew or reinstate if expired for more than a year, if the business structure or ACN has changed, or if the licence has been cancelled.
    • Apply for a new licence if any of the above conditions apply using this link: Apply for an Electrical Contractor Licence.

    Renewal Process:

    1. Preparation:

    • Ensure your insurance policy meets the requirements of s.51 of the Electrical Safety Regulation 2013. The insurance must be issued in the legal name of the business asking for the licence, and it must contain public and product liability. A minimum indemnity limit of $5,000,000 is required, as well as consumer protection insurance of $50,000.
    • Confirm that your Qualified Technical Person (QTP) and Qualified Business Person (QBP) are eligible for nomination. The nominees must sign the relevant declaration. Ensure that you send copies of any identity documents required for QBPs, as well as any other documents specified on the application form.
    • NOTE: If you are nominating more than one QTP or QBP, you must give separate information for each nomination. To understand more about the roles of QTP and QBP in a QLD Electrical contractor licence, click here.

    2. Notification Letter:

    • Use the identifying numbers from your renewal notice letter. Contact 1300 362 128 if the letter still needs to be received.

    3. Email Notifications:

    • Provide a current email address for receiving notifications.

    4. Online Renewal:

    Important Notes:

    • You need a current Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) competency issued within the last 12 months for online renewal.
    • Ensure your application is complete to avoid delays. Read through it carefully before submitting your application.

    Contact Information

    For any queries or assistance, contact the ESO at 1300 362 128.

    By following these guidelines, you can ensure a smooth renewal or reinstatement process for your electrical work or contractor licence in QLD.

    To become an Electrician or Electrical contractor, you must complete Nationally recognised electrical training. These are offered at AUSINET; please email or contact 07 3062 7631.