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Who should do a Test and Tag course?

  • Anyone interested in working in the testing and tagging sector. A person can Test and Tag appliances inside their organisation after completing the training.
  • Anyone who wants to brush up on their skills or refresh their knowledge.

What is the demand for a Test and Tag qualified person?

Testing and tagging of Electrical Equipment is compulsory to ensure the safety of personnel across all industries. Construction, mining, and demolition businesses must have their appliances checked and tagged every three months.

It is the employer’s responsibility to guarantee that employees are safe at work. Because the employer could be held liable if someone is injured at work, it is advised that all appliances be tested and tagged according to work-safe rules.

In comparison to other industries, the equipment hire/rental industry has more severe regulations. Before each lease, the hirer must visually inspect the equipment, and each appliance must be inspected every three months by an authorised person.

The duration of the courses: Our Test and Tag course is a brief three-day training. Unless you own a PAT tester and appliances, in which case you can complete the course entirely online, 2 full days of theoretical can be completed from home and 1 full day of practical training must be completed in our facilities.