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Who are Electricity Regulators?

Electricity regulators are the foundation of electrical safety and standards enforcement across jurisdictions. These regulators, tasked with various duties, including ensuring the integrity of electrical systems, play an essential role in administering electricity statutes, rules, codes of practice, guidance material, and electrical licencing provisions. Essentially, they are the authorised bodies tasked with protecting people and property in electrical infrastructure.

What do Electricity Regulators do?

Electricity Regulators, as the electrical industry’s custodians of safety and compliance, have a wide range of responsibilities. They guarantee that electrical installations, appliances, and practices adhere to strict standards and regulations through stringent oversight and enforcement. This includes certifying electrical personnel, performing inspections, and investigating safety violations or mishaps.

Furthermore, these authorities play an important role in sharing information and best practices by developing codes of conduct and recommendations. They increase overall electrical safety standards by encouraging ongoing improvement and conformity to industry requirements.

How are region-specific electricity regulators a necessity?

In the complicated realm of electricity regulation, region-specific regulators are essential. Each jurisdiction faces distinct obstacles, such as weather variances, infrastructure limits, or population shifts. Region-specific regulators are intended to address these difficulties by providing personalised solutions that are appropriate for the local situation.

For example, regulatory regimes may promote resilience and disaster preparedness in places vulnerable to natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes, mandating rigorous safety standards for electrical equipment. Similarly, regions with growing urban populations may confront increased demand for electrical infrastructure, requiring regulators to develop capacity expansion and load management measures.

By connecting regulatory efforts with area-specific realities, Electricity Regulators guarantee that safety measures are solid and practical and can survive the test of time.

We have provided the Region-wise electricity regulators, jurisdiction area, and contact details for reference in the map below.

Table 1 Electricity Regulators – Summary

JurisdictionElectricity RegulatorContact
Australian Capital TerritoryACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA)(02) 6207 8096
New South WalesOffice of Fair-Trading NSW  13 32 20
Northern TerritoryNT WorkSafe1800 019 115
QueenslandElectrical Safety Office1300 650 662 or (07) 3225 2000
South AustraliaOffice of the Technical Regulator  (08) 8226 5500
TasmaniaWorkSafe Tasmania1300 366 322 (local) or (03) 6166 4600 (outside Tasmania)
VictoriaEnergy Safe Victoria1800 815 721
Western AustraliaDepartment of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety(08) 6251 2000

Disclaimer: Information up to date as of Jan 2020.