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Why a pre-apprenticeship is essential to success in the electrical trade

    To become an electrician in Australia, you will first need to complete an electrical apprenticeship. This education can typically be completed in four years, during which the student works under the supervision of a qualified electrician to gain practical experience and completes structured learning at a college or school.

    Before deciding on your career, you should first identify your strengths and weaknesses. This can be quite a challenging task! But the best part about pre-apprenticeship is that you essentially get to “try before you buy.” Before committing four full years to become an electrician, you will get to understand if you are interested in this profession. It involves basic to intermediate mathematics along with a fair amount of hands-on work.

    Electrical Pre-apprenticeship Student

    So, what is the pre-apprenticeship course?

    You will get to learn a lot about the electrical trade in this four-week course to help you decide whether you want to make a career out of it. A pre-apprenticeship course will help strengthen your fundamental electrical trade knowledge and allow you to focus on developing work-related abilities and skills. A reputable program will also teach you everything you need to know to secure an apprenticeship opportunity and earn money while learning.

    Get a head start!

    The Pre-Apprenticeship UEE22020 Certificate II in Electrotechnology is a work-based program. This course will assist you in getting your foot in the door to gain practical experience alongside an electrician to determine if this is the right career path for you and, most importantly, to be job-ready for an apprenticeship. You will learn all of the necessary skills to approach employers confidently and to stand out from other potential apprentices. You will be trained in the fundamentals of trade and gain your first contacts in the industry to build a valuable network. After finishing this course, you will have a better chance of being hired as an apprentice than someone who has just graduated from high school.

    Electrical Pre Apprenticeship Student practical

    Pre-apprenticeship courses are typically provided by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) such as AUSINET. If you decide to continue your training after completing the pre-apprenticeship, your RTO can assist you in finding an employer who will take you on as an apprentice and help you build your career from there. The good news is that your nationally recognised qualification is transferable to the Certificate III in Electrotechnology (Electrician) that you will have to complete as part of your apprenticeship, so you have already completed some of the hard work! You will also create a portfolio of work demonstrating the new skills and knowledge gained in your pre-vocational electrician course, which will be helpful when looking for a job.

    This course is mainly designed as a pathway to further education. Graduates from the Cert II Electrotechnology course will have the basic skills and knowledge to perform in the workspace. It is also great to show prospective employers that you are committed to this line of work. Graduates will require skills as well as knowledge for work in specific environments. They need basic cognitive, communication, and technical skills to apply suitable methods, tools, and materials. They also need to have technical know-how to undertake activities and provide solutions to a limited range of predictable problems, after further learning.

    Entry requirements:

    To enrol in the Certificate II in Electrotechnology course, you need to bring the following basics to the table:

    1. Basic computer knowledge
    2. Appropriate language, literacy, and numeracy skills and knowledge
    3. Successful completion of Year 9 or 10 (or equivalent educational qualification)
    4. Physically fit (keep in mind: practical work requires physical activity)
    Electrical Pre Apprenticeship Work

    What you will learn:

    By completing your Cert II in Electrotechnology, you will learn to do all of the following:

    • UEERL0001 Attach cords and plugs to electrical equipment for connection to a single-phase 230V supply. 
    • You will learn to fix and secure electrotechnology equipment in unit UEECD0020.
    • You will acquire the ability to identify components and accessories and assemble electronic components. UEEAS0001
    • You will learn in the unit UEECD0009 to carry out routine procedures, work, and activities in the energy sector.
    • You will learn in the unit UEECD0007 to work health and safety regulations, codes and practices at the workplace.
    • You will know how to carry out routine work activities in an energy sector environment. 
    • Get familiar with industrial instruments and fabricate, assemble and dismantle utilities in industry components in unit UEECD0019. 
    • You will learn in unit UEECD0020 to fix and secure electrotechnology equipment
    • You will learn in unit UEECD0038 to Provide solutions and report on daily electrotechnology problems. It will be beneficial to you when you work in the electrical industry. 
    • You will learn in units UEECD0046 and UEEAS0001 to solve problems in single-path circuits and assemble electronic components.
    • In the unit UEECD0052, you will learn how to use equipment/plant/technologies in an energy sector environment. 
    • You will learn in unit UEECD0021, how to Identify and select components, accessories, and materials for energy sector work activities.
    • You will learn in unit UEERE0021 to Provide basic sustainable energy solutions for energy reduction in residential premises

    How do you apply for an electrical pre-apprenticeship?

    If you feel ready to take the first step toward a future career as an electrician, reach out to AUSINET. AUSINET has an ongoing intake, allowing students to enrol in electrical pre-apprenticeships all year. That means more opportunities to begin and enter your class earlier! Learn more about the enrolment process and course details here.

    Apply for Electrical Pre Apprenticeship

    Key benefits of the pre-apprenticeship:

    • You can learn about and experience the electrical industry without committing to a four-year apprenticeship.
    • You may receive credit for your pre-apprenticeship, which will reduce the training required during the full apprenticeship. In short, you can get a head start!
    • You demonstrate your dedication to the trade and a strong desire to succeed. These are both highly desirable qualities that employers seek in apprentices like you.
    • Some aspects of pre-apprenticeship training such as selecting electronic components, cords, and plugs, and working in the energy sector are not covered under an apprenticeship qualification. As a result, it might broaden your skill set and make you more appealing to prospective employers.
    • Completing a pre-apprenticeship allows you to hit the ground running when you kick off your apprenticeship. You will already have the necessary hand skills for your chosen trade and know how to strip and terminate cable or learn drilling and fixing. It means you’ll make fewer errors and have a much better start in your apprenticeship.

    What’s next?

    After your electrical pre-apprenticeship, you will be ready to start your actual apprenticeship. And after that, there are so many exciting career advancement opportunities in the electrical field! We hope you decide that the tradie life is for you and sign up for your Certificate II in Electrotechnology so that you can secure an apprenticeship to work towards your dream of becoming an electrician

    Last reviewed date: 14/06/2024

    8 responses to “Why a pre-apprenticeship is essential to success in the electrical trade”

    1. Fernando Avatar


      I am a construction worker looking for a career change into Electrical, I would like to know if it is mandatory to complete a 4 year apprenticeship or if there is another way.

      Thank you

      1. Ausinet M Avatar

        Hi Fernando! Depends on the Australian state or territory you are in. If you are in QLD or NT its a 3 – 4 year apprenticeship. You could get one year exemption but any more than that is unlikely and could jeopardise your license application.

    2. Rob Grummitt Avatar
      Rob Grummitt

      Hi, I work for Eastcoast Apprenticeships and we employ a large number of Electrical apprentices across Sth East Queensland. I would like to be able to link in with your organisation to offer career advise to interested students of your Cert 11 in Electrotechnology course. We do have vacancies from time to time in the Electrical trades and it would be ideal to discuss the different options for career opportunities with your students.
      Please let me know if you would like me to come over to introduce myself.

      Kind Regards

      Rob Grummitt
      0417 610 630

      1. Ausinet M Avatar

        Hi Rob, I have shared your number with Kevin who is training manager at Ausinet. He can be contacted on and his number is 0421677541. We are located in West End, QLD 4101. It would be great to catch up and collaborate.

    3. Maria Drinias Avatar
      Maria Drinias


      My son is in year 9 and interested in completing a pre-apprenticeship in electrotechnology.
      He has not left school yet, his plan is to leave end of year 10 and he is seeking to complete either a Cert I or Cert II in Electrotechnology.
      Do you assist students who are currently at school?

      I look forward to your response.

      Thank. you

      1. Ausinet M Avatar

        Hi, Yes we do. Is the school in Brisbane area?

    4. sai wah Wong Avatar
      sai wah Wong

      I wants to join this course

      1. Ausinet M Avatar

        Hi Sai! You are looking to enrol in which training location – Brisbane or Darwin?

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