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How to Work in the Solar Industry in Australia

    With its unlimited sunshine, Australia is leading the way in the worldwide solar revolution. With ambitious renewable energy targets and a booming solar industry, the opportunities for passionate individuals to build fulfilling careers are brighter than ever. This comprehensive guide aims to illuminate your path towards a rewarding future in this dynamic field.

    1. Unveiling Your Niche: A Spectrum of Solar Roles

    The Australian solar industry offers a diverse range of roles, catering to both your technical prowess and soft skills. Whether you’re a hands-on electrician or a persuasive sales consultant, there’s a solar niche waiting for you.

    • Solar Installers/Electricians: These are the frontline heroes, transforming rooftops into solar powerhouses. Equipping yourself with a Certificate III in Electrotechnology and Clean Energy Council (CEC) accreditation will empower you to bring clean energy to life.
    • Solar Designers/Engineers: Masterminds behind efficient solar systems, these professionals use design software and PV systems standards to design optimal solar configurations. A degree in Electrical Engineering, coupled with additional Solar Design courses, equips you for this cerebral role.
    • Beyond Installation: Delve deeper into specialized roles like solar battery storage specialists, PV technicians, or project managers, where your unique skill set can shine.

    Non-Technical Navigators:

    • Sales Consultants/Advisors: Armed with knowledge and charm, You can inform prospective clients about the advantages of solar and tailor-made systems to their needs. Technical aptitude, strong communication and sales skills are your secret weapons. Industry-specific training such as Solar design courses at Ausinet can give you an edge.
    • Finance/Policy/Marketing Gurus: Leverage your existing expertise in these areas to fuel the growth of solar businesses. From financial modelling to crafting compelling marketing campaigns, your contribution is invaluable.
    • Research & Development Pioneers: Push the boundaries of innovation by pursuing research roles in universities or solar companies. Be a part of shaping the future of solar technology!
    • Observe Market Trends: Remain Up to Date about market trends, government policies, and the overall growth of the solar industry in Australia.You can use this knowledge to spot new chances and make well-informed decisions regarding your career path.

    2. Skill Up & Shine: Building Your Solar Powerhouse

    With the right knowledge and credentials, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the exciting terrain of the solar industry.Here’s how to succeed through networking:

    • Training Powerhouse: Numerous accredited training providers offer certificate and diploma courses in solar installation, design, and sales. Research options like the Clean Energy Council’s National Solar Jobs Training Package to find the perfect fit for your chosen path.
    • CEC Accreditation: Your Golden Ticket: Most technical roles require a CEC photovoltaic design or installer accreditation. Ensure you meet the training and experience requirements to unlock doors to rewarding careers. CEC accreditation will no longer be used, instead a new body will take over from CEC in Feb 2024. We will update this blog once that is announced.

    3. Network & Navigate: Charting Your Solar Course

    The Australian solar industry thrives on connections and proactive job hunting. Here’s how to network your way to success:

    • Industry Associations: Join forces with organizations like the Solar Council of Australia or Smart Energy Council. These communities offer invaluable networking opportunities, career guidance, and access to exclusive job postings.
    • Job Boards: Be your own career detective! Actively explore platforms like SEEK, Solar Jobs, and industry-specific websites like Renew Economy for relevant positions.
    • Direct Contact: Don’t be shy! Approach solar companies directly with your resume and express your enthusiasm for potential openings. Your initiative can make a lasting impression.

    4. Maximize Your Brilliance: Extra Tips for Solar Success

    Remember, in the ever-evolving solar landscape, continuous learning and a proactive approach are key. Here are some additional tips to keep your solar star shining brightly:

    • Stay Sun-Informed: Knowledge is power! Keep up with the latest solar technologies and industry trends through news, forums, and professional development opportunities. Attend industry events and conferences to stay ahead of the curve.
    • Transferable Skills: If you’re transitioning from another field, don’t underestimate the value of your existing skills. Project management, problem-solving, or communication expertise can be readily adapted to the solar industry. Highlight these transferable skills to showcase your well-rounded potential.
    • Passion Fuels the Fire: Let your genuine enthusiasm for renewables shine through! Your passion for a sustainable future can make You make an impression in a crowded job market.

    5. A Glimpse into the Future: The Solar Horizon Awaits

    The Australian solar industry is on a trajectory of explosive growth, presenting a multitude of exciting possibilities.


    Working in the solar industry in Australia requires a combination of education, skills development, training, networking, and practical experience. The procedures described in this manual offer a road map for individuals aspiring to establish a prosperous career in the expanding and dynamic solar energy.As the industry develops further, keeping up with the latest, while adapting to changes, and your commitment to sustainability will position you for long-term success in the Australian solar sector.

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