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Solar Irradiance Calculator – State: Darwin

This calculator is for reference only, it is not a replacemant for AS5033 and AS4777

1. Select the panel direction (Azimuth) ⇒ 2. Select the panel tilt ⇒ 3. Select shading ⇒ 4. Select month/whole year ⇒ 5. To calculate the energy produced, enter Array size and Other losses.



Panel Tilt

0 °

Shading & Energy Produced

0 %

Energy Produced

(Irradiation values depend on the shading)
For the whole year
Averge daily Irradiation (kWh/m2/day)
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Energy Produced Calculation
Array size:  kW Avg. daily Irradiation:
Shading/soiling loss:  % Temperature losses:  %
DC losses:  % Ac losses:  %
Energy produced (per day): kWh/day