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Message from Principal Executive Officer


Hi everyone and welcome to AUSINET,

I have found AUSINET to be a highly engaging and productive for learners of all ages. Learning never ends and we are promoting continuous learning so that skills and knowledge is well developed which our students can apply in their real life.  I believe this life is a journey where we constantly learn new things and Ausinet is committed to facilitate your learning process by which you can start your voyage as a lifelong learner, always learning and relearning, until the day you retire, and even beyond that.

We have future plans to introduce more training programs with syllabi more tailored to the needs in the workplace and delivered in a manner for accessible for working people. In other words, we will be escalating our commitment and resources to support your continuous learning journey.

So, in closing, once again, I would like to invite you to join a journey that will transform your life for the better.

All the best,

Kevin Gawada,

Principal Executive Officer

Ausinet- Australian Institute of Electrotechnology

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