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How to check if a Solar PV roof mounting system is compliant in Australia

    How to check if a Solar PV roof mounting system is compliant in Australia

    The mounting system supplier will provide a structural certificate for its product to all customers as evidence that they comply with the relevant Australian Standards. The certificate will list all standards relevant to the mounting system. It specifies the requirements to meet for installation in a specific wind region. For example, wind regions C and D will require more roof interfaces and screws than wind regions A and B. The installation is only considered to be safe if it has fulfilled all requirements of the certificate. Solar electrician who has completed a grid connect course, should be able to check if the solar PV roof mounting system is compliant in Australia. At a minimum installation manual must provide certain limits and the maximum distance between roof/ground fixings. Some of the specifics a Solar Electrician or a Solar designer should check are:

    • Location
    • Building height
    • Panel size
    • Roof zones
    • Panel mounting zones
    Wind zones for solar PV roof mounting systems

    How to check if the selected mounting system complies with Australian standards

    The simplest option is to ask for the certificate from the supplier or refer to the manufacturer’s website and look for the model number of your product and there should be a certificate available to download. Usually, the certificate will be from a Structural engineer from an Australian consultancy firm. If you still can not find it, then try to search using Google for the brand and model number of your mounting system such as “Certificate for Celenergy pv racking system”. Below are some example certificates for popular brands in Australia. Please note that these are just examples, refer to the mounting system supplier for the correct certificate for the product you are installing. There are different systems for different installation types and roof surfaces such as tiled, corrugated tin, Klip-Lok, ground mounting, etc…

    BrandFlush mounting frame certificateTiled mounting frame certificate
    Mibet EnergyCertificate-
    Power WaveCertificateCertificate

    To learn more about Grid-connected PV system installation and Grid connect Battery system installation contact AUSINET

    Last reviewed date: 14/06/2024

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