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Study Pathways

5 units exempt
5 units exempt
5 units exempt
5 units exempt
2 years of experience
2 years of experience
Cert IV in Electrical Instrumentation Upskill
(11 units)
Cert IV in Electrical I…
Cert II in Electrotechnology 
(13 units)
Cert II in Electrotechn…
Cert IV in
 Hazardous Area
(12 units)
Cert IV in…
Cert III Instrumentation & Control Upskill
(15 units)
Cert III Instrumentatio…

Diploma of Elec & Instrumentation DEI

(12 units)

Diploma of Elec & Instr…
Cert III in Electrical Fitting
(26 units)
Cert III in Electrical…
Elec Equipment in Hazardous Area EEHA
(6 units)
Elec Equipment in Hazar…
Solar Design & Install – SDI
(3 units)
Solar Design & Install…
Australian A class Unrestricted Electrical Licence
Australian A class Unre…
Qualified Technical Person – QTP
(3 units)
Qualified Technical Per…
Qualified Business Person – QBP
(3 units)
Qualified Business Pers…
Battery Design & Install – BDI
(2 units)
Battery Design & Instal…
Install Battery Storage System – BI
(1 unit)
Install Battery Storage…
Design Battery Storage System – BD
(1 unit)
Design Battery Storage…
Diploma in Instrumentation & Control – DIC
(10 units)
Diploma in Instrumentat…
Install grid-connected PV systems – SI
(2 units)
Install grid-connected…
Design grid connected PV systems – SD
(2 units)
Design grid connected P…
Cert III Instrumentation & Control 
(26 units)
Cert III Instrumentatio…
Cert III in Electrotechnology Electrician
(30 units)
Cert III in Electrotech…
For a
business person who
 is not an Electrician 
For a…
International/Domestic/User Choice
International/Domestic/User Choice
Year 10
Year 10…

26 units exempt

26 units exempt…

 Licensed Electrical Contractor 

Licensed Electrica…
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