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Tips for being a great commercial electrician

    Electricians are not only needed in private residences but also in offices to conduct work for commercial buildings. A lot of businesses struggle to find electricians that are able to come to their office in a timely manner to fix electrical issues.

    Best practices to be a commercial electrician

    If you want to be a successful commercial electrician you must be available at short notice as the electrical issue might be putting on hold the whole business. The employees could be sitting around doing nothing if the electricity is down while on full pay. This can be very costly for the company and they will most likely hire whichever electrician can get to it first.
    You can become the official electrical contractor for a specific company so you get all of the jobs and contracts from them. Make sure you have a police check and reviews from other clients and show that you are trustworthy. Always handy to have this ready if you get asked. If you cannot provide this in time then someone else will and you could lose out on the opportunity.

    Have the adequate paperwork ready

    Do not hesitate to show your certificates on your website, make sure you also send through your insurance and any relevant licences and registration, any awards or special recognition you might have received and membership in specific associations related to your occupation. Make sure you also have examples of previous work you have done to showcase if necessary.

    Level of experience

    A company will want to hire someone who knows what they are doing so that they are efficient and cost-effective. Make sure you mention any specialisation that you could add to your set of skills and that could make a difference between you and another candidate. If you can show great reviews or feedback from past clients to build trust, that is also an advantage.

    Licence and Insurance

    The person in charge of hiring an electrician for a company is usually trained to do a thorough background check on the potential worker so that they can justify their choice to their superiors and so that the company is protected in case of a disagreement. You should have your qualifications, licences, insurance certificate, and membership certificates handy so that you can send those promptly when someone asks for them. They will also most likely check that you are observing safety measures and using good equipment and that you have a risk management plan in place so that they can feel confident you know what to do in case an accident happens. Make sure you also prepare a legally binding contract to protect yourself and make the terms very clear between you and the client.

    Clients Testimonials

    New clients might ask you for previous clients’ details so that they can talk to them about their experience working with you, so make sure you have 2 or 3 to provide. Let them know that someone might get in touch with them and thank them for taking the time to vouch for you and your business. Previous customer satisfaction is a great selling point to convince new clients. Online listings on review sites are also very handy as you can redirect potential customers to those sites for social proof.

    Experience with Commercial jobs

    Try to gain as much experience as you can with commercial jobs, this way you will be able to show that you are the best person for the job. Make sure you understand the client’s requirements and budget and ensure you are ready to work within those conditions.

    Be prompt to reply to inquiries

    If you want to be the one that gets the job, try to respond to inquiries as quickly as possible as employees in charge of coordinating the repair work will want to get this sorted out as soon as possible. They will most likely keep contacting companies or contractors and might pick the first one who is available to come and do the work.

    Have a team or people you can subcontract to

    If you have a team of workers that can be available on short notice, that is ideal for urgent commercial job inquiries. You should be able to find one person who is available straight away and get to the job within the hour. Make sure the people you hire are very good at their job as your reputation is on the line.

    Make sure you provide the best service possible

    From start to finish you and your workers should be very professional. Make sure the work you do is quality work while being mindful of the time it takes to complete. Time is of the essence as the business is paying employees by the hour. Ensure you have the right tools with you and communicate with the clients regularly. Make sure you let them know about timeframes for fixing an issue, or if you are going to need to turn off the power or anything else that could be relevant for them to know so they can plan their day to suit their business requirement.

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    Last reviewed date: 21/03/2022

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