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What is the difference between EEHA and Certificate IV Hazardous areas?

    Most people do not know about the difference between an EEHA course and a Certificate IV in Hazardous Areas. They usually end up choosing the cheapest and shortest option that is EEHA, and then come back a few months later and request to undertake the missing units to get the full qualification. Here is a guide to help you choose which course is best for you.

    Does getting Certificate IV really make a difference?

    Some Human Resources departments are fine with an EEHA certificate (Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas) only but some ask for a full Certificate. It is always better to get a full Certificate IV in Hazardous Areas as it is a higher qualification and only takes one more day to complete compared to the EEHA course. EEHA is a skill set that is part of Certificate IV in Hazardous Areas. Having Certificate IV will also enable you to work in Supervisory positions.

    Recruiters might favour applicants with a Cert IV HA compared to EEHA. If they get several similar profiles, this would set them out from the others and give them more chances to get the job compared to someone who just has an EEHA Certificate.

    EEHA versus Certificate IV in Hazardous Areas

    Do I need to do a refresher if I do either of those courses?

    If you have either of those qualifications, your employer might ask you to do an EEHA Refresher usually every 2 years (the timeframe is up to the employer). Doing a refresher is not mandatory but it is common practice in the industry to get it done regularly to keep updated with the safety standards. 

    What is the difference in terms of study load?

    There are 4 extra theory units to be done in order to get your Certificate IV in Hazardous Areas. We recommend taking one extra full day of the study compared to the EEHA course, which makes it 5 days instead of 4 days.

    Can I get RPL if I have done other courses?

    The 4 extra units are included in Certificate IV in Electrical Instrumentation so if you have already done this course you could get RPL and reduce the duration and pricing of your course.

    Additionally, if you have done your EEHA Certificate in the past and now would like to upskill and get your Certificate IV HA, you can complete those 4 units and get it as well.

    If you have done the EEHA course and Certificate IV in Electrical Instrumentation, you can get RPL and get your Certificate IV in Hazardous Areas by simply paying the subscribed credit transfer fee and sending through your certificates.

    Last reviewed date: 14/06/2024

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